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How enrich Works

enrich curates best-in class mastermind groups for executives. In these groups, leaders gain quality, actionable insight and perspective on daily challenges. Apply now to be matched into a curated group.


enrich empowers executives:


Gain new perspective

enrich connects you with trusted practitioners in your field. Develop fresh approaches to solve similar challenges.

Make better decisions

Work through your biggest challenges with actionable feedback from a hand-picked group of leaders.

Grow your skills

Walk away with clear, actionable insights by comparing tools like org charts, product roadmaps, and strategic docs.

Join an enrich Group

New groups are starting each month!

enrich for Women

Women are invited to participate in groups with more experienced leaders. This helps rising female talent gain the skills and confidence to advance into higher leadership positions.


“In my job, I’m very focused on solving problems. My enrich peer group helps me lift my gaze from the tasks in front of me and think more broadly about the business. I tried enrich because I thought it would be fun. I stayed because it is making me a better leader.”

- Tom Gillis, SVP & General Manager at VMware


“I’ve been blown away by the level of intimacy and comfort in the enrich community. This enables both me and my executive team to take off the work mask and share openly. Our team needs to be able to go deep to really learn new insights.”

- Jessica Mah, Founder and CEO of inDinero



“I've found my enrich group to be very valuable for forming deep relationships with brilliant minds changing the way tech does growth and marketing. Conversations about hiring, attribution, and org charts were immediately relevant to me. Through enrich I've formed real friendships - the hang-out-on-weekends, buy-books-for-each-other kind.”

- Jungwon Byun, COO at Ought


“enrich members have become trusted friends and mentors, being able to call on those who have gone through this before is an invaluable resource for growth, and has given me a very strong edge over those who don't have it.”

- Dan Sturman, SVP of Engineering & Support at Cloudera